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asheville restaurant week 2024

welcome to copper crown's asheville restaurant week menu and experience. we are thrilled to invite you to dine with us between january 16 - 22, 2024. we highly encourage you to make a reservation here.


ARW 2024

4 courses// 45 dollars  // 10 split menu fee

COURSE ONE // choose one


CRISPY SHRIMP potato-leek corn chowder

HNG FARM BEEF CROQUETTES bravas aioli, chow chow


MIXED GREENS SALAD three graces farm feta,  shaved apple, radish, sorghum vinaigrette (V,G)

COURSE THREE choose one

MIXED LOCAL MUSHROOMS herbed whipped potatoes, roasted grapes, au poivre sauce, watercress (V,G)

SUNBURST FARMS TROUT chive fried rice, bok choy, yuzu-tobiko butter (G)

SLOW ROASTED HNG FARM PORK SHOULDER sweet potato johnny cake, pomegranate relish, BBQ jus, collards

COURSE FOUR choose one

CHOCOLATE-COCONUT PANNA COTTA  crushed almonds, orange syrup (G)

OLIVE OIL CAKE pear compote 

V: Vegetarian  G: Gluten-less  

1 comentário

Linda Levak
Linda Levak
17 de jan.

It all looks so delicious!! What are the ingredients on the photo on Facebook -- looks like fish with roe?

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